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History continuation


Born in Mataró in 1946. He started in the ironwork trade with his grandfather,
Antoni March, and his uncle, Joquim March, at the age of fifteen.
Rafel stands for the third generation of Serralleria March.

Rafel decided to study artistic drawing with Jordi Arenas, who is
considered one of the best-known drawer, painter and sculptor from Mataró.


Drac escultòric aplic de paret.
Alegoria a la pell.
Particular C/ Barcelona, Mataró


He began working at Marc’s studio in 1962 and took complete
charge of both the administrative and artistic departments in 1993.
It was also in this year when he got awarded with
Puig i Cadafalch Prize for the best year’s projects by Mataró Council

In 1985 he became a member of the craft workshop of Generalitat of
Catalunya taking part in many national and international ironwork
exhibitions. Since then, his job has been appreciated and recognised
several times with prizes and awards such as Puig i Cadafalch Prize,
which he won in 2004.

L’any 2004 guanya el Premi Puig i Cadafalch d’arquitectura.

In 2006, the Generalitat of Catalunya awarded him with the Craftsman Master Charter and in 2008 he received a prize from the Pelfort i Xino Foundation from Barcelona.

Rafel Codina is a very active and innovative person. He works iron with a high artistic , professional and personal quality. He combines traditional techniques together with innovative creations and shapes in order to get surprising results which satisfy the customers and make each piece personal and unique.

A life dedicated to art, especially to ironwork, back Rafel Codina as one of the best ironwork artists in Catalunya.

Mà escultórica.
Realitzada a Forja viva, Barcelona.



Rafel Codina March’s son and born in 1983, he is the fourth generation
and who is in charge of Serralleria March nowadays

Ironworker and sculptor, he got a degree in Industrial Design at
Massana School in Barcelona. His apprenticeship started at the
family studio with his father as the master. From the beginning
he took up a personal research towards iron and metals expressive language.


Obra escultórica,

tors femení en estat
de gestació.

Peix del maresme,
obra escultórica situada a la seu
de la Caixa Laietana a Mataró.

Peça realitzada
per pare i fill conjuntament.

In 2004 he carried out his first installation called Thorns,
and he was chosen three times as an outstanding young artist
by Sant Lluc Association about Art in Mataró.
Around the middle of 2007, Rafel Codina and Pol Codina recieved
a proposal to carry out the monumental project El Peix del Maresme
(The Fish from Maresme)
that was going to be placed at the new seat of
Caixa Laietana in Mataró. The project was finished and put in place in 2007


Ferratges de porticons i cancell,
particular Mataró.

Pol is a member of AFOC(Ironworkers Association of Catalunya) and takes part in
exhibitions with Serralleria March.

Out of his work, he is completely devoted to sculpture and usually does some individual and
group exhibitions. In 2010 he presented an individual exhibition called Pol Codina 05-09
at Monjo Museum in Vilassar de Mar and Punt de Partida

In 2010, with his sculpture Grávida he was a finalist at the Arts and Artists Foundation’s
Competition and he decided to loan it tothe MEAM(European Museum of Modern Art)
in Barcelona, where it is exhibited

Another of his works, called Teach me Mother is at International House of Artists
in the city of Tamanrasset, Algeria.

Consolidated as an artist of the group ‘Els Dimarts del Llimoner’
he usually does some group exhibitions at different places in Spain

Currently, he continues working enthusiastically and creating new projects
for different fields at Serralleria March workshop